HotScream: The Spicy Ice Cream

HotScream takes two concepts, dessert and spicy food, and combines them to form a product that can only be described as ‘HotScream The Spicy Ice Cream’. By taking ice cream with its cool creaminess and incorporating a spicy swirl, Hot Scream has created a new taste sensation, one that almost defies one's own senses. At first, you taste the pureness of the vanilla, followed quickly by the sweetness of strawberry, chocolate or ginger, [with new flavors salted caramel, espresso and black raspberry coming soon!] but as you continue to enjoy HotScream, things change. You feel a warming sensation that starts in the back of your mouth, creating a rush that only can come from spicy foods. The warming continues to linger but doesn't engulf your mouth with fire.  Taking another bite you again taste the cool, creamy vanilla and the respective variegate flavor profile while the heat dissipates, only to come back time and time again. For more information, visit